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Sachin Tendulkar says Test cricket should prioritize attractiveness over length

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian cricketer, has shared his views on the state of Test cricket after India received criticism for producing pitches that could not sustain a Test match for the stipulated period of five days. During an interview with Aaj Tak, Tendulkar expressed that instead of focusing on the length of Test matches, one should focus on their “attractiveness” and quality, hinting that the duration of the matches should not be the only concern.

Tendulkar further stated that as a cricketer, one should be willing to play on all types of pitches and assess them well to perform even in tough conditions. He emphasized the importance of understanding the away conditions and planning accordingly for touring teams to perform well.

“We need to understand one thing that Test cricket should be attractive and the emphasis should not be on how many days it lasts. We (cricketers) are made to play on different pitches. Whether the pitch is helpful to the fast bowlers or according to the spinners, we should come to face the ball in every situation,” Tendulkar said.

“When you tour, the conditions are not easy. You need to understand what is happening, assess everything and then start planning things,” he added.

Tendulkar’s comments come in light of India’s recent Test matches against England, which ended in under three days. The issue of producing favourable pitches for the home team has been a long-standing debate in cricket. However, Tendulkar’s remarks offer a fresh perspective on the matter, highlighting the importance of the quality of the match over its duration.