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RCB’s S&C Coach Basu Shanker Praises Virat Kohli’s Unwavering Dedication to Fitness

Basu Shanker, the strength and conditioning coach of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, has praised Virat Kohli for his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm towards fitness. Kohli has been focusing on his physical conditioning for a considerable period of time and has played a key role in introducing a fitness revolution in Indian cricket. As the captain of the national team, Kohli was known for his insistence on having fit players on the field, demonstrating the paramount importance he places on fitness.

Shanker recounted an incident from 2015 when Kohli was suffering from a stiff back and sought his help. The coach overhauled Kohli’s training regimen and helped him regain his form. Shanker also revealed that Kohli had asked to be trained like an individual athlete, rather than a cricketer, and had even used examples from tennis star Novak Djokovic’s fitness regime to motivate himself.

Despite having worked with numerous athletes in the past, Shanker was highly impressed with Kohli’s commitment to fitness and work ethic. According to the coach, Kohli’s unparalleled passion and zeal for excellence helped him communicate his training program to the cricketer effectively.