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Sachin Tendulkar has high hopes for the future of Women’s Premier League: “It’s a beginning of something really big”

The first Women’s Premier League is being watched throughout the globe, with numerous female cricketers shining well in the game. The famous Sachin Tendulkar has also praised India’s main women’s T20 league, praising the fielding in the event.

The Women’s Premier League is being watched by supporters of all ages across three sites in Maharashtra. Tendulkar expressed his opinion on the competition, thanking the BCCI for the outstanding idea and urging supporters to support women cricketers, who are doing an excellent job.

“Excellent; first and foremost, congrats to BCCI on this fantastic endeavour. As I previously said, the BCCI performed well in the first innings, and now we must encourage women cricketers in the second innings. “I believe they’re doing a fantastic job,” Tendulkar remarked at India Today Conclave 2023.

The 49-year-old further said that the event is just the beginning of something monumental for India and the globe of cricket.

“I’m very, truly astonished by the fielding standards, their athleticism; it has absolutely blown my mind; it’s unbelievable. It’s quick and entertaining, and excellent cricket should be supported at all times. They’re extremely competitive, and this is just the beginning. I’d want to congratulate all of the teams and female cricketers who have arrived here. This is the start of something tremendous, not just for India, but for cricket as a whole,” the renowned batsman continued.