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Virat Kohli’s Inspiring Speech Brings Hope to RCB Women’s Team Amidst Struggles in WPL 2023

The Royal Challengers Bangalore squad was inspired by famous batter Virat Kohli before of their match against the UP Warriorz. The 34-year-old has been with the RCB club since its inception and has experienced many ups and downs throughout his 15-year tenure in Bangalore.

When it comes to the Smriti Mandhana-led squad, they had a disastrous start to the season, losing all five games. They had been struggling with both the ball in the meanwhile, so Kohli decided to speak with the squad before of their match against the Warriorz in order to encourage and inspire the team to perform well in the next three matches.

In this speech, the former captain discussed his challenges with failure and how, despite not having won the IPL yet, he has stayed enthusiastic and motivated to bring the trophy to Bangalore.

“I have been playing IPL for 15 years and I haven’t won it yet. Yet it doesn’t stop me from looking forward to it every year. That’s all I can do, that’s all the work I can put into every game and competition I participate in. If we win, that’s fantastic, but if we don’t, I’m not going to die thinking, only if I had won the IPL. It doesn’t work like that.”

“Always consider the potential you have rather than how horrible things are right now. There’s always a flip side, and it might always be worse. Despite the fact that we have yet to win the IPL, I believe we have the greatest supporters in the world. Just because we were always dedicated in every game for RCB. There’s no promise of providing a cup every year but there’s a guarantee of giving your 110% and that’s all you can aim to achieve,” Virat Kohli stated in a video published by RCB on YouTube.