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Indian Fielding Coach T Dilip Praises Team’s Improvement in Direct-Hit Percentage

Although the Indian squad has been chastised for its poor fielding attempts on several occasions, T Dilip, India’s fielding coach, has a different perspective. He cited an occasion when Litton Das was on a roll, blasting 60 off 27 balls while chasing a 151-run goal in 16 overs.

At the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2022, KL Rahul’s straight smash from the deep provided the crucial breakthrough for Litton Das, and India won by 5 runs. He thinks that the fielding skills of the squad have improved a lot with respect to getting direct hits.

“There are several areas where we have definitely improved over time. If you look at the World Cup’s direct-hit % and how one straight shot from KL Rahul altered the course of the game, “News18 cricket reported Dilip as saying.

“That’s something we are working at as a group and if you look at it’s overall ratio, even if there are no run outs, the amount of times we have hit the stumps has improved a little. That is one area where we will continue to improve “Dilip chimed in.

The Indian fielding coach also discussed KL Rahul’s position in the playing XI and how to improve his wicketkeeping abilities to make him more important to the squad.

“We all know KL Rahul is a fantastic talent. He has a track record. Even in ODIs, he has shown enough as a hitter in the middle order. He brings a lot of balance to the squad as a wicketkeeper since he offers an advantage.”

“Because he is not someone who has selected the gloves just now he has been doing it from a younger age he adds a lot of stuff. Apart from fine-tuning a few things, it shouldn’t be too tough to improve his wicket-keeping “Dilip said.