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DRS to include review of wides and no-balls in IPL following successful WPL trial

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2023 has finally commenced, and fans have been treated to an exciting display of cricket in the handful of matches played so far. While the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat Giants struggled to cope with the pressure, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, and UP Warriorz began their campaigns on a high.

In a significant rule change, players are now permitted to review wide and no-ball decisions with the help of the Decision Review System (DRS) for the first time in T20 leagues. This change has been implemented for the first time in the ongoing WPL and will be followed in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) as well.

According to the WPL playing conditions, “a player may request a review of any decision taken by the on-field umpires concerning whether or not a batter is dismissed, with the exception of ‘Timed Out’ (Player Review).” Additionally, “a player may also be allowed to review any decision taken by on-field umpires concerning wide or no-ball.”

The implementation of the DRS for reviewing wide and no-ball decisions is a significant development for the game. It will help to reduce errors, increase the accuracy of decisions, and add another layer of excitement to the game. The change is expected to be welcomed by players, fans, and officials alike.

The WPL has already witnessed some thrilling contests, and the addition of the DRS for reviewing wide and no-ball decisions is expected to add to the excitement. The upcoming IPL is also set to benefit from this rule change, and fans can look forward to another thrilling season of T20 cricket.