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Virat Kohli reflects on being jeered by 35,000 spectators at Edgbaston

The cricketing world has perhaps never seen a crowd draw like India’s Virat Kohli, who understands how to keep fans on the edge of their seats to root for him. Kohli, on the other hand, claims to have been jeered by a 35,000-strong crowd in Edgbaston, England, in 2018.


Virat Kohli made this stunning disclosure during the Royal Challengers Bangalore Podcast Season 2 interview. Kohli was noted for his aggressiveness on the field in the early stages of his career. He has subsequently calmed down.


“My heart was racing because all I could think of was the flashes of 2014. When I went in, there were probably 35,000 people in the stadium, and they all began booing the instant I stepped onto the field. My heart began to beat quicker. “They have this incredible capacity to create a situation where you feel like you have no chance here,” Kohli said, recalling being booed by a large crowd.


There have been several individual clashes in England between James Anderson and Virat Kohli. Back in 2014, Anderson had an advantage over India’s great batsman, causing many cricket commentators to declare Anderson to be Kohli’s enemy.


Statistics supported this viewpoint. Throughout the 2014 Test series, England’s swing bowler has dismissed Kohli at least four times. Kohli had a dismal tour, scoring 134 runs in five Test matches and ten innings.


When Kohli returned to England in 2018, English fans were eager to remind the Indian batter of his previous performances in English circumstances. But, in 2018, Kohli had the potential to make a major statement.


“I remember James Anderson was the man sprinting with the ball, and I was like, what are the odds here I am facing the first ball from him again after four years. ‘Please just play the first ball,’ I thought, and he bowled it at the fourth stump, so I left that ball. I felt cool after that first ball and then I was dropped at 22,” Kohli said, adding that “I might have gone out on 22 in that innings but I got 149 and I didn’t look back from there, so that’s when you learnt that you simply can’t sit there and whine about things that didn’t go properly. There were several positive outcomes. “A lot of weight was taken off my shoulder.”


Kohli has 8195 runs in 106 Test matches, with 27 hundreds and a batting average of 48. He has also achieved 46 ODIS hundreds and one T20I tonne.