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Vrinda Rathi is the first Indian woman to serve as an on-field umpire

Vrinda Rathi, 33, originates from Navi Mumbai and began her adventurous adventure in Mumbai’s maidans. Rathi used to score local matches before passing the BCCI scorers test with flying colours. She was most notably the official BCCI scorer for the 2013 Women’s World Cup. After finishing second in the BCCI Level 2 test to become India’s first female umpire, she opted to convert to umpiring.

Surprisingly, the Mumbai-based umpire recently officiated in the Ranji Trophy match between Goa and Pondicherry in Porvorim. In addition, Vrinda Rathi served on the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) panel of developing umpires in 2020.

As a result, Rathi has become the first Indian woman to serve as an on-field umpire at the current Women’s T20 World Cup, which is being held in South Africa.

Wasim Khan, General Manager of the International Cricket Council (ICC), expressed his delight at having an all-female panel officiating World Cup matches. He noted that this step was not only essential, but also long overdue, since women’s cricket has grown in popularity and it was critical to provide women the opportunity to work in all aspects of the sports sector.

In the same line, ICC manager of women’s cricket, Snehal Pradhan weighed in and added, “When young women and girls see it, they think that they can be it. It is only one of the many reasons why our match officials panel is so unique.”

“It tells the next generation that there is a profession and a track that gets them to the very pinnacle of the game, the World Cup, even if you’re not a player. It demonstrates that there are several methods to participate “Pradhan came to an end.

Female umpires are a rarity in cricket, but as time passes and gender equality becomes a hot subject in the athletic world, women are steadily taking on responsibilities in every aspect of the sports business to establish their worth. Rathi’s climb to worldwide prominence will definitely convey a good message and inspire many young women to embark on such hard tasks.