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Kapil Dev backs Virat Kohli to score at least 2-3 centuries in the Border-Gavaskar series

During the ongoing first Test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023, legendary India cricketer and former captain Kapil Dev made a very daring and unusual prediction on a current star India batsman.

Under Kapil’s leadership, India made a giant stride towards becoming a cricketing superpower by winning the 1983 World Cup, and defeating the formidable West Indies in the final. Dev’s impact on Indian cricket is enormous, and he has recently said that Kohli can get 2-3 centuries in the current series.

“If he even hits 50, I believe he will score 2-3 century in this series since both sides would have two opportunities. It is something we must remember “On his YouTube channel ‘Uncut,’ the 64-year-old said.

It should be mentioned that in India’s first innings in the first Test, the 34-year-old struggled with the bat, managing just 12 runs off 26 deliveries, including two boundaries. But, Kapil is convinced that Kohli would get at least a couple hundreds throughout the Test series.

“I believe he will have an effect because he still has a lot of desire in him, as we can all see. The first match is critical. If he makes runs, his playing style shifts. When a larger player is involved, the first Test match is usually crucial “He went on to say.

Kapil went on to say that Kohli is a player who understands how to turn the course of any game once he gets going and finds his groove. Kapil is certain that the right-handed hitter will come up in the second inning.

Finally, Dev shared his thoughts on the recent uproar surrounding the Nagpur pitch. He noted that, in comparison to the previous day’s pitches, which were more of a “batter’s paradise,” pitches are now created a little more in favour of the bowlers, but it doesn’t mean that batters can’t show the passion in them to score the runs.

“We’ve heard that there will be turning pitches, but the team can’t possibly manufacture 600. All acclaim the hitters if they succeed. The hitters will get the pitches. With 60 percent of pitches now being on the bowlers’ side, we can’t assume that 400 runs will be scored. It will be manufactured between 220-250. 300 is a large number, and if they get it, there will be a sense of not having lost. If the wickets are a bit better, Virat Kohli will undoubtedly score runs “He then signed off.