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Dinesh Karthik selects Rahul Tripathi as his first-choice substitute for Virat Kohli

There is no lack of quality in the current Indian side, whether it is in Tests, ODIs, or T20Is; there are players in every format who have made big contributions to the team and can lead Indian cricket ahead. Rahul Tripathi is one of the names that comes up while discussing the future of Indian cricket.

According to experienced wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik, Tripathi could be one of the frontrunners to replace Virat Kohli when the renowned batter retires or is unavailable. Karthik understands what Tripathi brings to the table, having worked with him at the Kolkata Knight Riders.

“I don’t believe we should forget it in three or six months. Maybe he’ll have a terrific IPL, maybe he won’t, but he deserves to be in the Indian team’s top three whenever that happens. If Virat Kohli wants to play, that’s OK, but if he’s not available, he should be the first pick, not someone who has done well elsewhere,” Karthik told Cricbuzz.

He further emphasised that even when his career was on the line, Tripathi refused to modify his style of play and produced against Sri Lanka and New Zealand. The boldness that Tripathi displays might be beneficial to the Indian national team.

Tripathi has again shown the breadth of his skill. When India met New Zealand in the third T20I, the flamboyant batsman hit 44 off 22. Tripathi, who came in at number three, did not shy away from his natural playing style and played aggressively to reap the benefits.

This is the kind of approach Dinesh Karthik defended in his subsequent conversation. Karthik emphasised that Tripathi’s style of play does not alter regardless of the scenario, making him a good talent and an addition to the squad.

“The beauty of him is that it’s in his Genes. “To go out there and regardless of how big the scenario is, how important the game is, these are the sort of guys you’ll need because he’ll precisely do it in huge matches,” Karthik said.