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Ashwin backs Rohit Sharma: Calls for Broadcast Responsibility in Sharing Facts

Ravichandran Ashwin came out in support of Rohit Sharma after the Indian skipper expressed his frustration with broadcasters who were discussing his three-year wait for his ODI century following his knock of 101 runs off 85 balls in the final ODI of the three-match series against New Zealand.

Ashwin said that he completely understands what his captain mentioned about the need of being responsible while addressing the public about data and statistics. The 36-year-old also said that some considerations, like as the break during the Covid-19, should be considered before claiming that a certain batter has been without a tonne for so long. He also remarked how players like Rohit and Kohli were always in the headlines for not achieving centuries as often as they used to.

“Rohit Sharma addressed a lovely issue concerning broadcasters, suggesting that they should be accountable when it comes to disseminating information to the general public. “I’ve spoken a lot about perception and how it may build into an opinion,” Ashwin remarked on his YouTube channel.

“If we go back, for a long time, everyone was talking about Virat Kohli and how he had gone four years without scoring a century. But if you question the concerned individual, he would answer ‘in those 4 years, 8 months were epidemic, then I took my break’. “He’d be able to tell you right,” he continued.

“If you persist on stating that there was a 3 year-gap, 4-year gap to the fans… people, who are interested, and selectors and others who are part of the system, they know what’s the reality. However, if you impose such knowledge on the average person, they would think, ‘yes, he hasn’t scored runs. There are so many new ones scoring. Take him out. That’s why Rohit Sharma suggested that broadcasters handle such situations more properly,” Ashwin added.