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Skipper Verma’s Birthday Wish: U19 Women’s T20 World Cup Trophy

India U-19 captain Shafali Verma is said to have requested her teammates to win the ICC U-19 T20 World Cup as a “birthday present” for her.

Shafali Verma will turn 19 on January 28, 2023, in South Africa, alongside her teammates, on the eve of the World Cup final on Sunday, January 29. India will compete against England for the coveted crown.

“When I first joined this U-19 squad, I informed them that the only birthday present I want is the trophy. I’m not expecting much. There was no serious planning. I’m just going to relax and enjoy the day. If I had been at home, things would have been different ” the newly-minted 19-year-old stated.

The aggressive right-handed hitter had one message for her teammates: win the World Cup. She remarked that they had all worked really hard to get where they are, and they would not want to leave South Africa empty-handed. She talked with the maturity of a captain who is developing with each game.

The opening went on to say that the defeat to Australia had been particularly painful for the ladies, causing them to have a restless night. However, they progressively and rapidly supported themselves to eventually keep going in the competition, and thus play magnificently against New Zealand in the first semi-final, overcoming the ‘Kiwi jinx’ in ICC tournaments.

In terms of her opponents, Verma remarked that England has a strong number of all-rounders, but India is ready for the task.

“Yes, being in the final is a fantastic feeling. I just want everyone to give it their all. I said after the game against Sri Lanka that we were having difficulties sleeping (after losing to Australia), but we were able to carry out what we talked after that game. The camp is in a good mood. They seem to have a decent group of all-rounders, based on what I’ve observed.

We must continue to rely on our strengths; we do not need to attempt anything new. They made it to the final, so they must have been doing something well. We must continue to build on our skills and appreciate each other’s performances. Continue to support one another on the field, “She went on to say.

She complimented coach Nooshin Al Khadeer for establishing a positive atmosphere for the players and clearly defining their duties.

“Nooshin mam deserves credit for this (sic). You want a coach to explain to the players what their duties are, and she has done so clearly. You know a day in advance whether you’re going to play. So you have plenty of time to prepare. We really love each other’s company. I’d say I had a little influence in shaping the climate. Shouldn’t be too hard on oneself for it, “She stated this.