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Monty Panesar predicts a ‘big future’ for young spinner Rehan Ahmed

Former England spinner Panesar believes Rehan Ahmed is a tremendous possibility after an incredible debut against Pakistan in 2022.

Rehan Ahmed became England’s youngest debutant after being named to the starting XI against Pakistan in Karachi. He had a great debut, taking five wickets in the second innings against Pakistan and assisting his team to victory. With the five-wicket haul, England completed a clean sweep of the hosts, which was a huge success for Rehan and the England team.

An older video of the late Shane Warne began to circulate on social media, in which he was shown encouraging the young Rehan Ahmed that he could play county cricket by the time he was 15/16. Monty Panesar also spoke about the young spinner and how he might be a valuable contributor to the England side in the future.

“England had done so well in Pakistan that they had a luxury Test match to look at him, and he performed incredibly well,” the spinner said. He did well and demonstrated his qualifications. I’m not sure whether he’ll play frequently, but he’ll go on trips, and if Jack Leach is unable to produce, they’ll have someone in Rehan Ahmed. He puts speed on the ball, which is crucial for a spinner in Test cricket. However, after viewing him, his glass ceiling is high. He’s just had a little experience, but you can see Rehan Ahmed has a bright future.”

Monty Panesar, who played 50 tests for England and took 167 wickets, was involved in a number of series. He was the team’s top spinner for a long time and grabbed wickets for his nation at vital times of the game. He, along with James Anderson and Stuart Broad, were the backbone of England’s bowling attack.