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Jofra Archer ready to shake off rust ahead of long-awaited England return

Ace pacer Jofra Archer feels he is still recovering from injuries sustained in March 2021. He recently played five SA20 League matches for MI Cape Town, taking eight wickets. However, he is not guaranteed a place in England’s starting XI against South Africa, as the Three Lions may not risk him due to fitness worries.

Archer noted that he is now performing at approximately 80% of his best and that the Jos Buttler-led team may not hurry him back into play with the Ashes and ODI World Cup approaching. Archer was observed practising with several of his England teammates in Bloemfontein. The cricketer added that he is now feeling okay, but that he still has some stiffness in his body.

“It looked amazing but on the inside, I’m still a touch stiff and attempting to remove some of the rust away. I’d say I’m approximately 80% sure. “It’s just fine-tuning now, more discipline than real cricket things,” the pacer said, according to skysports.com.

Archer hopes he will soon be fully recovered. He also said that he would not be saddened by his injuries, which have caused him to miss a lot of cricket, and that everything occurs for a purpose.

“I know once I’m totally fit, I don’t believe there’s anything that can stop me, it’s just a question of when that was going to happen. I’m not going to be angry or resentful about the time. Everything occurs for a reason, and I suppose I’m here in South Africa for a purpose.

“There is no need to look back. I’ve served my sentence and am now present. That is the most crucial aspect. To be honest, I had the finest time being wounded because I had things to keep me going – friends, family, and the gym. I’m not angry; I don’t believe I squandered any days while I was injured. “I’m delighted,” the England international continued.