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Steve Smith serves up success: credits Tennis for improved Cricket performance

Australian cricket star, Steve Smith, has been having a standout performance in the ongoing Big Bash League, scoring back-to-back centuries for his team, the Sydney Sixers. Smith’s love for tennis has long been known, and now he is crediting the sport with helping him improve his game in cricket.

In a recent interview, Smith revealed that he has been adjusting the grip of his bat handle from a more traditional “western” grip to a more open “eastern” or “continental” grip, similar to how one holds a tennis racket. He explained that this allows him to hit the ball with more power and precision, and that this change in grip has been a major factor in his recent success.

“I was probably top spinning it, as opposed to back spinning it and letting the ball go up and away further. I thought I back-spun a couple of nice ones tonight. The ball just travels a lot better when you do that. It’s been a nice adjustment for me, I feel like I’m batting well in all forms of the game. Hopefully I can continue scoring some runs and helping firstly the Sixers and then the Aussies after that”, said Smith.

Smith’s recent performance in the BBL has been impressive, with an unbeaten 125 from 66 balls against the Thunder, despite a sluggish pitch and a back spasm just before the game. This makes him the first centurion for the Sixers in the history of the league.

It is clear that the changes Smith has made to his grip, inspired by his love of tennis, have greatly improved his game. As he continues to play in the BBL and hopefully for the national team, cricket fans can expect to see more of his dynamic and powerful batting style.