Shahid Afridi Unleashes Fury on Ramiz Raja Over Rawalpindi Pitch Criticism

Recently, former Pakistan cricketer and captain, Shahid Afridi expressed his displeasure and took a dig at former PCB chairman and cricketer Ramiz Raja over his comments on the Rawalpindi pitch in a recent Test match against England.

Now, I know Afridi and Raja have had a pretty stale relationship, especially ever since Raja was given the boot from the PCB chairman. But Raja has been spewing a lot of venom against the Pakistan cricket administration.

Afridi was quoted as saying, “The way Ramiz was speaking, I mean, I was shocked to listen to him saying that we cannot make tracks like these.”

He exclaimed that he was astonished to learn what Raja had to say about the pitch and at his comments on questioning Pakistan’s abilities to make pitches for international games.

Afridi went on to add that Pakistan pacers have always desired for and also succeeded on pitches with much bounce and seam, and that there was just nothing wrong with the Rawalpindi pitch on which Raja has been complaining about so unnecessarily.

The former legendary big-hitter continued, “Rawalpindi’s track has always been for the fast bowlers with seam and bounce. Why did they even change it? If we are talking about the Rawalpindi pitch, I have never seen a track like this. I have seen a lot of domestic games as well there, but I have never seen a pitch like this which is so flat. It reminded me of Faisalabad or Sialkot track.