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ICC Proposes Six-Team T20 Showdown for Men and Women at 2028 Olympics

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suggested to the Los Angeles Olympic Games organising committee a six-team T20 tournament for men and women. Despite rumours that the game will not be included in the 2028 Olympics, it is believed that no decision has been made as of yet, and a definitive decision will be published by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) around October 2023.

If the Los Angeles Olympic Games organising body accepts the ICC’s plan, six men’s and women’s teams will compete in the main event. According to reports, six of the participating teams would be the top six in the ICC’s men’s and women’s T20 rankings as of a certain cut-off date.

Another issue that is currently being debated is the tournament format. The governing body of cricket is in communication with the organising committee, and a decision will be made shortly. At the present, it seems that it will be a 20-overs format, as first suggested by the IOC to the ICC.

Meanwhile, the organising committee has notified the ICC that if permission is granted, the quality of the event must not be compromised. They argued that it should only be fought by the greatest, which is why only six teams were allowed to compete.

It has also been considered that both the men’s and women’s competitions would be held at the same venue due to the many issues with the facilities. The game needs a lot of pitches as well as training fields for teams to prepare, and the organising team may be unable to offer enough space. As a result, if the proposal is approved, all of the games will be held at a single location.

Notably, BCCI secretary Jay Shah has joined the ICC’s Olympic working group, which is led by Greg Barclay (ICC chairman). Indra Nooyi (independent director) and Paraag Marathe are also on the list (former USA Cricket president).