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Former England Cricketer Mark Butcher warns of ‘absolute carnage’ if ‘Mankads’ are allowed in club cricket

Run-outs at the non-striker’s end, or ‘Mankading’, has been causing quite a stir in the cricket world recently. The debate was sparked in the IPL when India’s Ashwin ran out Jos Butler at the non-striker’s end, leading to a heated discussion on social media about whether or not it was in the spirit of the game. Former England cricketer Mark Butcher weighed in on the topic in the Wisden cricket weekly podcast, and he had some strong opinions on the matter.

Butcher believes that if ‘Mankading’ becomes the norm, it will lead to chaos and carnage in club cricket. He argued that while the debate is being viewed through the lens of professional cricket, it’s important to also consider the impact it will have on amateur cricket played on village greens on Sunday afternoons.

He added that there’s very little regulation in terms of people’s behavior in these games and that it could lead to a lot of issues if players start doing it as a matter of course. It’s clear that Butcher thinks this is something that should be approached with caution.