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Kuldeep Yadav’s Coach Critiques Bench Time for Match-Winner Spinner

Even after being named Player of the Match in the first Test against Bangladesh, Kuldeep Yadav was dropped from the second Test and replaced by Jaydev Unadkat. The spinner took eight wickets and batted a good 40 in the first Test, but he was left out of the starting XI in Mirpur.

Kuldeep Yadav’s boyhood coach, Kapil Pandey, was taken aback by the choice and voiced his dismay. The veteran cricketer questioned the team’s management and remarked that it is not fair to keep one of India’s match-winners on the bench on several occasions.

“The ultimate aim for all of us is for Team India to win. I absolutely grasp how the captain and coach work together to help the team win. But it’s not fair to leave one of your match-winners on the bench. How long will this go on? Nobody in India wants the Indian team to lose. At the same time, a player who has done well in the few opportunities he has had deserves a longer rope,” Pandey remarked.

Pandey claimed that he had no words to comfort the Indian batsman when Kuldeep was dropped against Bangladesh. Pandey, on the other hand, praised the 28-year-old for his perseverance and faith, noting that he has matured as a player.

“With the passage of time, Kuldeep has grown much more patient. I used to be concerned for this youngster when he didn’t have the opportunities he deserved. He has two ODI hattricks, one for India A, and another in the U19 World Cup.

“Despite being the Man of the Match, when he was dropped in the second Test, I didn’t know how to comfort him since I too was in tears. “However, the way he advised me to be patient and have trust that everything would work out in the end shows how matured he has grown,” the former cricketer remarked.