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Bangladesh Wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan’s Future in Doubt Due to Finger Injury

Nurul Hasan, Bangladesh’s standout wicketkeeper-batsman, is evasive about his future after failing to recuperate from a finger injury after surgery last year. Due to significant discomfort in his once-fractured index finger, he had to depend on medicines throughout the just-finished second Test against India.

Last year, Nurul Hasan broke his index finger in the second T20I against Zimbabwe, knocking him out of the Asia Cup. Dr Anthony Foo of Raffles Hospital in Singapore treated the Bangladeshi cricketer’s broken finger using a closed reduction and pinning technique.

Following his operation, Hasan played in the tri-series in New Zealand and even represented the Men in Green in the T20 World Cup in Australia. However, owing to his troubles, the 29-year-old was in tremendous discomfort during his side’s Test series loss against India and played the second Test using suppository. Following the second match, he was given a pain-relieving shot to alleviate the suffocating anguish.

“As far as the status of damaged finger is concerned, I have had an injection after the previous match (second Test against India) and that injection was a pain reliever. The wounded finger is still numb after the injection, and if it remains that way, it is OK; but, after the response to the injection wears off, the pain may return.

“I played the Test series using suppository because there was immense discomfort and I was unable to do anything. When the ball struck my left hand, it gave me a jolt, so I took even the left side ball with my right hand. Let’s see, I received the injection, and it’s likely to have a response for a few months, and it (my finger) could get better,” Nurul told Cricbuzz on Sunday.

I’m not sure whether the surgery was a good or poor idea: Hasan Nurul Hasan
The Bangladeshi cricketer is worried about his future and has even questioned his choice to have surgery last year. With a historic bilateral series against England on the horizon for the Tigers, he is unsure about the recovery process of his fractured finger.

“Right now, there is nothing I can do and no options for me. I’m not sure whether the surgery was a good or poor idea. Now I’m wondering whether it would have been better if I hadn’t undergone the operation. On the other side, if I had not had the operation, things may have become worse,” he remarked.