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Australian Cricketer Josh Hazlewood Expresses Disappointment Over Timing of Injury

Due to various injuries, elite bowler Josh Hazlewood has only played three Test matches since the start of Australia’s previous home season. The cricketer has spent a significant amount of time on the sidelines, which Hazlewood describes as a very difficult moment.

The 31-year-old sustained a side injury against South Africa at the Gabba recently. Following that, the speedster withdrew from the Boxing Day Test at Melbourne Cricket Ground due to his inability to rehabilitate. However, he is expected to return to the starting XI in the third and final Test of the South Africa series.

The Tamworth-born cricketer is poised to take over for Mitchell Starc, who has a bowling arm problem. When discussing his own accident, Hazlewood said that the timing couldn’t have been worse.

“It’s certainly irritating. I don’t believe I’ve been harmed severely…it simply happened to be at the worst time of year, just after the first Test. The Tests are now so close together. Apart from that, I’ve been fit and firing for the last 24 months. When you think about it like way, it’s aggravating.

“I believe it’s simply part of fast bowling that it’s a strength problem at times and it’s a workload issue at others. “There’s nothing to worry about; just a few items I’ll need to check off in the future,” Hazlewood said.

Since the cricketer sustained back-to-back side strain injuries, there is considerable doubt about his long-term availability. Hazlewood added that the medical staff will evaluate his injury more after Australia was through with the next Test matches, as their primary attention is presently on the players who are in action on the field.

“They’re in a little different situation. We’d have to look into that when we had a little more time. There’s been a lot going on in the previous several weeks, and they’ve been focusing a lot on the men on the field. There are discussions behind the scenes…just to see if there is a connection here or there, or what it may be. I believe it’s simply a part of fast bowling that it’s a strength and workload problem at times. “There’s nothing to worry about; only a few items I’ll need to check off in the future,” he said.