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DDCA Director Urges Caution with Meetings with Pant Amid Infection Concerns

Rishabh Pant, India’s top wicketkeeper-batsman, is still recovering from injuries incurred in a near-fatal automobile accident on Friday morning. Director of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) Shyam Sharma, who visited the star batter and provided an encouraging report on his rehabilitation, has asked worried fans to avoid from visiting the batsman due to infection worries.

Shyam Sharma came to Dehradun’s Max Hospital on Saturday to check on the wounded player. He had said that DDCA personnel were on hand to check Pant’s health and were prepared to transport him to Delhi if necessary. Sharma, on the other hand, provided a favourable report on the 25-year-rehabilitation, old’s claiming that he was doing well and was in high spirits.

However, the DDCA director has asked people not to meet the Delhi Capitals captain in order to prevent infection. Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor, both Bollywood stars, have previously visited the great Indian batsman in the hospital. Pant’s Delhi colleague Nitish Rana also made a visit to check on his compatriot’s recuperation.

“Those who are going to meet Pant should avoid him since there is a risk of infection. There should be no VIP movement to see Pant, and visitors should avoid him since there is a risk of infection for Pant “Shyam Sharma, director of the DDCA, spoke to the media over the phone.

Shyam Sharma also admitted to speaking with Rishabh Pant, who was in a stable condition and responding well to therapy. While numerous reports claimed that Pant fell asleep while driving, the wounded player told Sharma that his vehicle collided with the barrier while attempting to avoid a pothole.

“He is recuperating well and is in good health. Our BCCI physicians communicate with the doctors here. Jay Shah is keeping an eye on it. He’ll be admitted here for the time being. He informed me that when the accident happened, he attempted to rescue (his automobile) from a pothole “Shyam Sharma also contributed.