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Ian Chappell believes that including Broad and Anderson together in the squad is a risk

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has urged England against selecting both James Anderson and Stuart Broad for their away team. During their time with the national team, Anderson has 667 Test wickets and Broad has 566. The pair are the most successful wicket-takers in Test cricket history. With both players approaching the end of their professional careers, Chappell feels it would be a mistake to choose them away from home.

In his most recent essay, Chappell outlined his position and made some noteworthy observations. The Australian star admires Ben Stokes’ leadership but believes it will be intriguing to observe how the team performs away from home.

“Now England has the right captain (Ben Stokes) in place, it becomes a matter of choosing the best combination to win in the prevailing conditions. It’s not surprising that their results have greatly improved following their disastrous tour of Australia (Ashes),” Chappell said.

Chappell’s newest editorial calls into doubt the legitimacy of Tasmania’s two most successful seamers in test cricket history. Following a spate of poor performances, the pace bowling combo has been deprived of chances.

Anderson and Broad were dropped from the West Indies tour after the 0-4 Ashes sweep. However, under the new management, headed by Brendon McCullum as coach and Stokes as captain, the aging warhorses were reintroduced into the side.