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The ICC has extended the deadline for bidding submissions, but Indian broadcasters are still dissatisfied due to a lack of clarity

The International Cricket Council (ICC) agreed to the demand of enraged Indian broadcasters by extending the deadline for finance bids from August 22 to August 26. Despite the fact that an extended deadline was requested, the warring broadcasters did not see this as a positive move.

An industry executive expressed uncertainty about whether the move was positive or negative because there was still no certainty, transparency, or direction for the bidding procedure. He insisted that the recent development does not change the situation because it does not reveal the bid figures of the other parties.

“I don’t know if it is a positive move or not, but there is still no guarantee of transparency, clarity, and direction for the bidding procedure, something we have been asking for,” an industry executive was quoted.

The broadcasters believe that the ICC’s lack of transparency is due to assurances from non-Indian parties to participate in the bid. They claimed that, while the ICC may not be subject to Indian jurisdiction, broadcasting of ICC events in the country may be.

Meanwhile, notable television companies such as Star, Sony, Zee, and Viacom did not participate in the mock auction, questioning its significance given that it is unclear whether the bidding would even reach that stage.