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The International Cricket Council (ICC) will approve a new system in Cricket Scotland

The changes in Cricket Scotland (SC) have taken the International Cricket Council (ICC) by surprise, but the international governing body is ready to support the country’s new cricket administration. The ICC normally takes any intervention in a member nation’s sovereignty seriously, but in this instance, the international body has opted to assist the new leadership in its battle against prejudice and bigotry.

SportScotland has now taken over the reins of Cricket Scotland and will govern it until October 2023 by appointing a board by September with 40 percent male and 40 percent female members, with at least 25 from the ethnic community.

World cricket was shocked when the whole CS board was forced to quit ahead of SportScotland’s publishing of an assessment of racism in sporting organizations in the country on Sunday (July 24). The inquiry established systemic racism in Cricket Scotland a day later.

The ICC members have been in Birmingham for a series of meetings over the previous week, culminating in the annual conference on Tuesday.

Before the report was published and the board resigned en masse, a representative from Cricket Scotland was sighted in Birmingham. Sue Strachan, the head of Cricket Scotland until Sunday, was expected to attend the Annual Conference. It is unclear if Scotland will be represented at the summit now that she has resigned.