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Simon Taufel opposes Yuzvendra Chahal’s call for DRS in close wide calls

So far, IPL 2022 has been a success, as the event nears completion. But, like every other IPL season, this one has not been without controversy. The newest protest comes from the Rajasthan Royals camp, with its top leggie, Yuzvendra Chahal, requesting assistance from the umpires in the form of a review option for close wide ball verdicts.

In the Royals’ game against LSG, Chahal was perplexed by the umpire’s choice to call a wide. The extra delivery proved costly for Chahal, who was smashed for a six on the final ball by Marcus Stoinis. Despite the fact that Rajasthan won the game, Chahal believes that close calls like those give hitters an added advantage in a game that is already dominated by batters. In a couple of games, the umpires have made some difficult calls against the Rajasthan Royals.

Simon Taufel, a former ICC Elite Panel umpire, feels that changes are needed. However, he is opposed to bringing in the third umpire for wide and no-ball calls because he believes it will be difficult for the TV umpire to evaluate something that may be minor but is still a judgment call. He was also concerned about how long such determinations would take.

“How much time are all these reviews going to take out of the playing time? I remember, only last year, some commentators like the late Shane Warne were complaining about how an ODI finished 30 minutes past the scheduled cut-off. You cannot have a quick game and also analyze every ball – there is always a trade-off,” Taufel said.

Former India head coach Ravi Shastri argued in favor of reporting contentious wides and height no-balls to the TV umpire. Shastri was unconcerned about the game being delayed as a result of such an exercise. He believes that having a fair game is preferable, even if it takes a few minutes longer.