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IPL 2022 – 5 Best Performing teams in the League Stage of the tournament

This week marks the start of the last round of the Indian Premier League. With numerous teams competing, the top four will now compete for the top slot. This year has been full of highs and lows for fans.

In terms of lows, no one expected MI to finish at the bottom of the standings. However, their lack of consistent performers meant that they were unable to finish off games in tight situations. According to MI standards, this was a terrible season.

And if we look at the season’s best performers, it has to be the new franchises. It was difficult for them to build a name for themselves with two new teams. Despite this, their players have stood up for their squad in adverse times.

In this article, we are going to count down the 5 Best performing teams in the league stage of the tournament.


Number 5. Delhi Capitals


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The Delhi Capitals had without a doubt the strongest auction this year, as they were able to bring in the best players from the Indian domestic scene. However, they just missed out on a playoff spot.

Delhi was eliminated from the tournament after losing to Mumbai in their final game of the season. It was, after all, one of the tournament’s most exciting games. Furthermore, Delhi’s woes with their bowling assault contributed to their defeat.

Nonetheless, despite the Covid scare and some major challenges, they performed admirably. It is only a matter of time before this team raises the trophy, and fans should be hopeful. Rishabh Pant is only 24 years old, and with many more years ahead of him, he can lead both the side and the national squad with much more expertise.


Number 4. Lucknow Super Giants


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The Lucknow Super Giants were one of the IPL’s newest teams. KL Rahul, Marcus Stoinis, and Ravi Bishnoi are among the players on this team. In terms of performance, the team has done exceptionally well this year.

LSG played 14 games in the group stage, winning nine of them. With a solid net run rate of +0.251, the team has done well to make the playoffs. It is never easy for new franchisees to build a name for themselves in their first season, but LSG and GT did so with ease.

Furthermore, the Super Giants have invested in individuals who were not sought by established teams. This is what distinguishes them as a good squad, one that supports the bulk of its players. It will be intriguing to observe how Lucknow does in the second stage of the IPL 2022.


Number 3. Rajasthan Royals


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This year, Rajasthan has been one of the strongest teams. The Men in Pink are firing on all cylinders and hoping to win the trophy for the second time. It will be fascinating to see how they approach the playoffs this season.

If the Royals make the playoffs, they usually make it to the Eliminator. With a win in their final league match, they were able to secure a top-two finish thanks to Ravi Ashwin. It is now up to its star performers to take the initiative and build a name for themselves on the big stage.

The Royals have been a fantastic team. Even after being pushed back by the opponents, they managed to recover and win the game. Jos Buttler’s willow has been quiet for a while now. It will be interesting to see if he can go off again in important postseason games.


Number 2. Royal Challengers Bangalore


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The Royal Challengers Bangalore fared well in their group stage matches. Despite a few setbacks, they were able to keep together as a group and make the most of their time. RCB won eight and lost six IPL games in a row.

A net run rate of -0.253 indicates that they have fallen short, but their efforts have been commendable and they have a tendency to come together as a unit when the situation gets tricky. They have cashed in during critical periods of the game, resulting in their victory.

Furthermore, RCB has done an outstanding job of supporting its players. They made it to the playoffs as a result of their efforts. It is now up to their best players to stand up and establish a name for themselves in the playoffs.


Number 1. Gujarat Titans


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By far the greatest team in the tournament has been the Titans. They have won games on a consistent basis, and the greatest thing is that their team management has been successful in bringing out the best in its players. It’ll be fascinating to see how they approach the playoffs.

Fans should not be surprised if GT wins this time. They’ve won a lot of close games this season, with 10 wins in 14 games. Furthermore, they are the only team to have won ten games this season.

However, they must be more aggressive and competitive in the playoffs. With players like Rashid and Hardik, this appears to be a possibility. Furthermore, they have managed to bring some fresh names to the scene, such as Yash Dayal, who has done admirably thus far.