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Brendon McCullum responds openly in his final interview as KKR head coach

The Kolkata Knight Riders’ IPL 2022 campaign has ended, as has Brendon McCullum’s association with the franchise. As England’s new Test coach, the former New Zealand captain will be unable to serve KKR beginning next season. The Shreyas Iyer-led team was unable to bid its head coach farewell, as they were defeated by Lucknow Super Giants by two runs in their last league game.

The game came down to the wire, with the Knight Riders performing admirably when down by 211 points. However, their efforts were ultimately futile as LSG just missed out on a playoff spot. Following the game, McCullum had his final press conference as KKR head coach, answering various questions frankly.

While KKR will not make the playoffs this year, McCullum praised his team for playing some good cricket. “Over the last few years, I’ve had a terrific time. This year, I believe we’ve played some excellent cricket. I’ll keep an eye on this as it progresses. I know they’re in really excellent hands with the support staff and Shreyas as captain, so yeah, watch out for KKR next year,” McCullum said after the game on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, McCullum, who hit 158 in his IPL debut, also played for KKR, and his records speak for themselves. He praised the gala T20 event for offering a tremendous platform for the youngsters. “I adored it (time in IPL). It’s been three years, and all three have been spent in bubbles. I personally applaud all parties involved for hosting IPL in the midst of a pandemic. “It’s given the fans something to grasp on to,” McCullum said.

“It’s a fantastic tournament, the world’s largest league. It provides opportunities for some really talented individuals. And being able to be a part of it as a coach and give some of the boys the freedom to go out there and play with a positive attitude is something I’ll be eternally grateful for,” he concluded.