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Mark Boucher will remain South Africa’s head coach as the CSA drops racism charges

Following the dismissal of the claims against him, Cricket South Africa (CSA) stated that Mark Boucher will remain as Proteas coach until the end of his contract after the 2023 ICC World Cup. The charges were dropped after Paul Adams refused to testify in court against Boucher.

Following the board’s decision, Lawson Naidoo, the chairperson of the CSA, urged all citizens to support the national cricket team. Boucher was charged with three counts stemming from his handling of race-related issues in the past, as a national player, and now as the team’s coach.

The CSA dismissed its charges of discrimination, including racism, citing a lack of evidence to back them up. According to CSA, the charges arose from the SJN (Social Justice and Nation Building hearings) report, as well as the investigation following the removal of Boucher’s former assistant coach Enoch Nkwe from the club.

The crucial decision-making component was a statement from Adams and Nkwe. However, due to the absence of the tandem, the judgment was rendered in favor of Boucher.