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IPL 2022 – Here are the play-off qualification scenarios for all eligible teams

After 58 matches in the 15th edition of the IPL, eight of the ten teams are still vying for a playoff position. Gujarat Titans are the only team with a ‘Q’ next to their name, while five-time champions MI are out. The rest of the teams are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, but for some teams, the odds are a bit better than the others, and in this article, we are going to walk you through the play-off qualification scenarios for all eligible teams in the IPL 2022 tournament.

Lucknow Super Giants


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After a crushing defeat over GT on Tuesday, LSG missed out on becoming the first team to qualify for the playoffs (May 10). They still have two matches left, and a win will very certainly get them through. If they win both of their remaining matches, they will reach 20 points and be assured of a top-two finish, as GT is the only other team that can do so. If other outcomes go their way, KL Rahul’s team might advance even if they lose both of their remaining matches.


Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals


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Following their respective wins over PBKS and SRH over the weekend, both RR and RCB separated themselves from the middle table scuffle. Wins in both of their remaining matches would undoubtedly send them through, but a single win might suffice if other results went their way. Both can qualify even if they lose both of their remaining games if DC and the winner of the SRH-PBKS fight get to a maximum of 14 points, though RCB would not want things to go that way because their present NRR is in arrears and additional points will be shaved off it if they lose two more games.


Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings


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PBKS has failed to win two games in a row this season and will need to win three in a row to qualify, although even that may be enough if three more teams reach the 16-point level. All three of PBKS’s remaining games are against sides in contention, and if they win all three, they will prevent DC and SRH from reaching 16 points and assure RCB reaches a maximum of 16. In that case, it might lead to an NRR shootout between PBKS and RCB (assuming RCB defeats GT) and potentially RR (if RR manage to only one of their two remaining games). However, PBKS has the lowest NRR of any team in contention, making it extremely tough for them to qualify on 14 points.

SRH, on the other hand, is on a four-match losing streak and would like to stop it as soon as possible if they are to have a chance. If RR and RCB win their remaining games and LSG beats KKR, three victories may not be enough for PBKS. They can potentially qualify with 14 points, but both RR and RCB must remain winless from now on. There is a chance that up to six clubs may finish with 14 points each and NRR will enter the picture.


Delhi Capitals


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All of the teams that lost their previous weekend games are in a ‘do or die’ situation right now. DC has already defeated RR, and their positive NRR puts them in strong stead if there is a tie with multiple clubs on 16 points. Even if DC wins both of their remaining matches, they will be eliminated on 16 points if both RR and RCB win their remaining games and LSG defeats KKR.


Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings


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KKR and CSK’s chances are hanging by a thread, and the most they can accomplish is win their remaining fixtures (two for KKR and three for CSK) and reach 14 points. However, they would still need at least one team from the middle of the table to reach the 16-point level. If both RR and RCB win one more match, KKR and CSK are out regardless of their outcomes. CSK’s negative NRR has been lifted to positive territory following the 91-run win over DC on Sunday, but KKR’s NRR remains negative despite the massive win over MI on Monday following the 75-run defeat to LSG on Saturday.