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IPL 2022 – 5 best fielders of this season so far

With talent coming in from all over the world, it’s no surprise that the Indian Premier League (IPL) awards a number of knockouts each year. Cricketers use their athleticism to snag a catch out of thin air. The way the 15th edition of the IPL has progressed thus far indicates that we are in for a lot more spectacular catches.

From capturing big fish short of their crease to pulling a blimey at the boundary ropes, the fielding element has helped teams gain an advantage regardless of the pitch’s behaviour. Cricket is a game of tight margins, and a single run saved, especially in the shortest format, has a significant impact on the final scoreboard.

Players who have yet to reach their full potential as hitters or bowlers are taking wickets by acting as the X-factor in the field. Contributions in this team game can take several forms, like as a run-out, a catch at the slips, or a boundary preserved. While there is still a long way to go yet in the tournament, in this article, we will rank the 5 best fielders of the season so far.


Number 5. Glenn Maxwell (Royal Challengers Bangalore)


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Maxwell joined Royal Challengers Bangalore late in the season and has only played three games. He has already demonstrated that he is in good form with the bat and is ready to fill in for AB de Villiers. Furthermore, Maxwell is widely renowned for consistently plucking onto blinders.

Maxwell has demonstrated his fielding abilities even in this edition of the IPL. Tilak Varma of the Mumbai Indians was run out by the Australian all-sensational rounder’s direct hit. He’s also made a couple of spectacular saves this season, both in the cover region and on the perimeter.

Maxwell’s reputation as a powerful batter has put bowlers under a lot of pressure. His bowling has also had an impact on the outcome at times. However, his on-field performance has been consistently impressive throughout the season.


Number 4. Kane Williamson (Sunrisers Hyderabad)


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On the field, Williamson is noted for his calm and cool demeanour. His world-class hitting has frequently overshadowed his captaincy. The New Zealand legend is also a gun fielder who has frequently produced field-stunners. This season has been no exception for Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper.

In six IPL 2022 matches, Kane has a total of five catches to his name. In the game against the Lucknow Super Giants, Williamson performed a brilliant short cover effort to dismiss Quinton de Kock.

Liam Livingstone, who was wreaking havoc with a 30-ball 60, was dismissed by the 31-year-old batsman, who used his acrobatic talents and forward moves to dismiss him. It enabled Hyderabad to put a stop to the flow of runs and win the match by seven wickets.


Number 3. David Warner (Delhi Capitals)


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This mini-dynamite from Australia has been known for his consistency in hitting big in the start of the game for quite some time. In the previous season, though, there was a run drought. Despite this, his presence on the field is still felt because to his fielding attempts.

Warner’s body balance is incredible, therefore you’ll often see him standing at the ropes. He’s just played three games this season, but he’s saved a lot of boundaries. Against KKR, he converted a six into two runs by throwing the ball inside and recollecting it in fractions of seconds.

Warner, 35, has crafted some masterpieces for his national team and in the IPL over the years. In the Indian Premier League, he is also one of the most feared fielders.


Number 2. Hardik Pandya (Gujarat Titans)


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Hardik Pandya has been an excellent all-around player for every squad he has been a part of. But playing for Gujarat Titans in the IPL 2022 has been a life-changing experience for him (GT). The ace all-rounder has excelled in his new leadership role and has improved his batsmanship compared to prior seasons.

His fielding abilities, on the other hand, never faltered. This season, this maestro’s desire to contribute to the team’s success is even stronger. In the encounter against Rajasthan Royals, he ran out his opponent captain Sanju Samson, earning him the nickname Kung-fu-Pandya. His rocket throw destroyed the bowling end’s middle stump, putting the game on hold for a moment.

He has established himself at the back with two catches in five games. The new captain seemed to have found his stride with the bat, scoring 228 runs in five games. This season, the right-handed allrounder has an average of 76 and a strike rate of over 136.


Number 1. Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore)


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Virat Kohli, who is credited for revolutionising the Indian cricket team’s fitness, has proven his worth in the field with his enthusiasm and ferocity. Kohli’s fitness has never gone unnoticed, as he has made a name for himself in the game by playing a variety of roles. While he is one of the greatest batters of all time, his endurance in keeping the opponent from scoring extra runs is unrivalled.

Virat Kohli has pulled four catches in IPL 2022 while playing at the most critical position on the field. This season, his one-handed stunner against the Delhi Capitals deserves special note. Rishabh Pant was batting at 34, with Delhi needing 48 runs from 22 deliveries to win comfortably. Kohli leapt with one hand fully out and snatched a screamer to send Pant flying.

Kohli, a valuable member of the squad, has always expected his teammates to share his enthusiasm. Even this season, his club has won with a few runs to spare because to some outstanding efforts at preventing boundaries.