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Over 2,500 differently-abled cricketers have signed up to play for India

The Differently Abled Cricket Council of India has registered over 2,600 differently-abled cricketers (DCCI). It should be noted that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has launched this project to collect data from Differently-Abled Cricketers in India and to streamline the entire procedure.

The process began a week ago, and approximately 2,600 players have enrolled so far. The DCCI will collect all data and send it to the BCCI, which will categorise the players based on their states. It should be noted that some states, including Punjab, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Tripura, have already constituted state-level Differently-Abled Cricket Committees and are awaiting additional orders.

“We are also collecting the data of support staff who have experience of working with Differently Abled Cricketers. DCCI is the only body that is supported by BCCI for the promotion and development of cricket for differently-abled players, ” the DCCI said in a statement.

According to the Secretary-General of DCCI, various organisations have claimed to represent the country without seeking approval from the top board.