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IPL 2022 – Punjab Kings vs Gujarat Titans Match 16 – Players to Avoid

On Friday, the 16th match of the IPL 2022 will take place between Punjab Kings and Gujarat Titans. Gujarat Titans defeated Delhi Capitals in their recent encounter and are presently fourth in the rankings with two victories in as many outings. The new franchise is off to a great start and will want to maintain that momentum. Punjab Kings, on the other hand, defeated Chennai in their previous encounter and sit sixth in the points standings. They have reaped the benefits of an aggressive brand of cricket. This contest promises to be interesting.

However, there are some players in both the squads, who are not exactly in the best form and as such, you should avoid picking them in your fantasy lineups. In this article, we are going to talk about players who you should avoid picking in your fantasy lineup.

Number 1. Varun Aaron


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Varun Aaron has battled with consistency and has been erratic in both of his bouts thus far. Additionally, his fantasy worth is diminished by the possibility that he may not bowl his entire quota of overs, and even if he does, it is very improbable that he would be given the ball towards the death, when wickets typically fall in heaps. It is preferable to ignore him in the face of this hostility.


Number 2. Abhinav Manohar


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He had a brief appearance in the opening match, but considering this is his first season in the IPL, he is largely unknown. Additionally, his batting position must be considered. He was assigned to No. 7 in the initial match, and if that continues, he will receive insufficient balls to contribute to the fantasy team. Therefore, with several choices accessible, it is preferable to leave him.


Number 3. Shahrukh Khan


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He has had a shaky start to the season, and despite the fact that he was unbeaten in the first match, he only faced 20 balls and managed to score 24 runs. In terms of fantasy cricket, the batting order of Punjab Kings is quite strong, and they have a number of established players, which makes it more difficult for Shahrukh to obtain enough balls to make an impression in the team’s batting lineup. Additionally, there are many better choices available in the hitting department, therefore he should be avoided for this game.

Now, if you are adventurous and want to include one of these players in your fantasy lineup, we would put our faith in Shahrukh Khan, as he does have the minerals to put in a good innings in case the top order collapses. Varun Aaron is just not able to find that line and length while Manohar is an intriguing pick and we need to see a bit more consistency from him to warrant a selection in our fantasy squads.