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Ramiz Raja clarifies his remark that ‘we’ll see who chooses the IPL over the PSL’

Recently, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja expressed his views on redesigning the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in order to attract international players away from the Indian Premier League (IPL) (IPL). His remarks generated outrage among Indian cricket fans, who began criticizing Ramiz for his views.

Raja, the current PCB chairman, has expressed his thoughts and opinions on the long-running IPL vs PSL controversy. He made the statement at a time when the BCCI was preparing to enter the market for IPL media rights.

In a recent interview, he stated: “This is a money game.” Our esteem will grow as Pakistan’s cricket economy develops. The PSL is the primary driver of that financial economy. If we move the PSL to an auction model and boost the purse, I’ll classify it as an IPL. And then we’ll see who opts for the Indian Premier League over the PSL.”

On Sunday, April 3, Ramiz clarified his statement, stating that he was misquoted by the media and that he was aware of the two countries’ economic conditions. “I was incorrectly quoted. I am aware of the state of India’s economy and the state of Pakistan’s economy. We intend to enhance the PSL. We will introduce an auction approach, but I was misquoted on the other point,” he explained.

On the other side, he discussed the proposal he intends to make at the ICC’s impending board meeting next week in Dubai. Raja stated that he will propose the organization of a four-nation competition between India, Pakistan, Australia, and England.