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Ranking the jerseys of the IPL 2022 from the Worst to the Best

The one thing that excites IPL fans as much as the actual tournament is the unveiling of the jerseys. The IPL is all about entertaining performances on the field while also giving the fans a sense of identity. The teams have spent almost a decade, creating a brand identity for their respective squads, inculcating the values and traditions of the respective cities that they represent, and this year, we have a crop of kits that are either very good or very, very bad. There is no middle ground here.

In this article, we are going to rank the IPL 2022 jerseys, starting from the worst and moving on to the best.

Number 10. Sunrisers Hyderabad


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We loved the whole orange and black aesthetic that the Sunrisers Hyderabad had become synonymous with. This season, however, they have almost completely ditched the black and instead gone for the orange soda look. There are no intricate patterns, no gradients, and the black is barely there, making the players look like walking soda bottles. We are also hearing that the helmets are going to be orange as well, so make sure you turn down the brightness of your displays when the Sunrisers are playing because the kits are going to be an absolute eyesore.

Number 9. Punjab Kings


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Just like their on-field performances off late, the Punjab Kings have arrived at the IPL 2022 tournament with one of the worst-looking kits. The red and gold aesthetic works wonders (RCB has proven that in the past), but it looks like the Punjab Kings have missed the memo. What ruins the look of the kit is not the actual base, but the sponsor stickers that feature a plethora of colors, making the complete kit look very random.

Number 8. Chennai Super Kings


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We have placed the Chennai Super Kings at no.8 because there is just no innovation in their jersey design. The colors and the patterns are identical to last season albeit some of the sponsors and that is pretty much it. They may be one of the most successful teams on the pitch, but in terms of the jersey itself, they are in the bottom half. If you are a CSK fan and you bought the jersey last year, you can stick to the same as there is nothing new to look forward to.

Number 7. Kolkata Knight Riders


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We will still maintain that the KKR jerseys hit differently when they rocked the black and gold. It looks like some color therapy has gone into the decision that drove the team to pick the purple and the shade has been changing with every season. This year we have a much brighter shade of purple and while that itself is ok, we are not absolutely down with the placement of the gold which now looks more yellow than actual gold, which is a shame. It’s a jersey that will split opinion right down the middle, with some loving this and others absolutely not.

Number 6. Rajasthan Royals


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Just Like KKR, the Rajasthan Royals underwent a major change when they switched from the royal blue to the Jaipur pink. The designers have been experimenting with patterns since the last few years and this year, the kit looks a lot more in sync and refined, but what lets them down is the placement of sponsors and variety of colours that they bring to the otherwise uniform looking shirt. Had the sponsors allowed for some uniform color variants, this kit had the potential to be one of the top 4 kits of the season for sure.

Number 5. Lucknow Super Giants


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What immediately caught out eye with the Lucknow kit is the unique and rather fresh colour choice. Most of the teams have gone for primary colors for their uniforms and it looks like the super giants wanted to do something a bit different. Yes, the kit does come off as a bit dull from certain angles but we absolutely love the intricate pattern that adorns the shirt all across. The kit will take some getting used to, but we think that a lot of the fans will warm up to this concept very soon.

Number 4. Gujarat Titans


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We really had to think hard between this team and Lucknow for this spot and the only reason we gave it to Gujarat is because their kit brings together the sponsors very nicely. When it comes to colour choice, they have gone for the rather safe shade of blue and the presence of electric bike maker Aether has clearly inspired the lightning bolts in the electric blue, which makes the shirt pop. It’s a smart looking shirt but the three teams above it have added that little bit extra to their kits.

Number 3. Delhi Capitals


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The team is currently undergoing a brilliant rebuild journey and even in terms of branding, the designers still seem to be finding their feet with the colour scheme. The red and blue has been put through multiple iterations in the last few seasons, with the blue forming the central shade. The addition of red to the mix has really played in their favour this season as the whole shirt simply looks like a treat to the eyes. There are a lot of small details all over the shirt and the sponsor placement does not take your eyes off the actual design. We are sure that non Delhi supporters may also try to cop one of the shirts just for its design.

Number 2. Mumbai Indians


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We have loved the royal blue and gold aesthetic of the Mumbai Indians and the designers have delivered yet again. There is now a clear base shade of blue with multiple darker and lighter shades overlapping in a sort of camouflage like pattern. The glossy gold accents on the side of the shirt add a great touch to the otherwise matte finish of the blue and the uniform white colour of the sponsor stickers really makes the jersey come together like a treat. For some, the glossy gold may be a bit much, but we absolute adore the whole look and its a job well done once again to the Mumbai Indians.

Number 1. Royal Challengers Bangalore


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It is very difficult to mess up a red and black aesthetic, and it looks like the Royal Challengers Bangalore have hit it out of the park this year. Every single element is sized to perfection and the shirt looks a lot more flowy in terms of colour placement and the patterns. Last year, the whole kit looked like it was split into different blocks, but this time, the designers have ironed out the wrinkles and produced a design that is easily the best of the bunch. We thought a lot about this and the Mumbai kit, and while there is not a lot separating the two, the RCB top just oozes a different class, making it a must have for fans and general public alike.

We would love to know your favourite IPL 2022 kit. Comment the name in the section below.