Shreyas Iyer speaks candidly about his Test debut

Shreyas Iyer has been amassing runs on the home circuit and in the shorter formats of the game, but it wasn’t until late last year that he was awarded his maiden international cap. In December 2021, the Mumbai-based batter made his Test match debut against New Zealand in Kanpur, where he scored a century on his very first appearance. Iyer earned 105 points in the first innings and 65 points in the match, which finished in a tie.

As reported by the Red Bull content pool, he added during the Clubhouse session, “There have been ups and downs over the previous six months.”

“I’ve recovered from a (shoulder) injury. Then he scored a century on his debut, something that every cricketer dreams of. I was quite appreciative of the chance. The winning of the Test cap was the most significant thing for me since it is something that every youngster dreams of.

“After that, we travelled to South Africa, where I experienced severe stomach pain that turned out to be an illness. Things have been both fantastic and awful recently. However, I shall consider all of my accomplishments a blessing. And I want to keep up the pace and preserve the momentum I’ve gained.”

Iyer has participated in all versions of the game, has served as a captain, and has played under a few other captains. In addition, he will be the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2019 season of the Indian Premier League after previously playing for the Delhi Capitals. In addition, he was pleased by Rahul’s leadership abilities while in South Africa.

“It was a pleasure to be able to play under him,” Iyer remarked of Rahul. “First and foremost, he is an exceptional player. The confidence he exudes on the field and in team meetings, as well as the encouragement he gives to the players, is outstanding. In addition to having a very calm temperament, his decision-making on the field is quite intuitive. I had a great time playing under his supervision. In addition, he allowed me three overs of bowling, something that none of the other captains had previously done. He’s my favourite captain, so there’s that.”