R Ashwin encourages bowlers to take advantage of the new ICC regulation regarding non-striker run-outs

R Ashwin, the Indian off-spinner, wants bowlers to embrace the new ICC rule on running out non-strikers and not be skeptical of it. Intriguingly, Ashwin was chastised for going against the spirit of cricket during the IPL 2019 when he removed non-striker Jos Buttler for backing up, which drastically altered the course of the game. While many were critical of Ashwin’s maneuver, it was well within the rules of the game.

However, the MCC has amended the cricket statutes, which will take effect in October 2022. Running out the non-striker for backing up, which was previously considered unfair play, has been added to the list of acceptable forms of dismissal and will be treated as a run-out.

Ashwin said that, despite the changes in the laws, while some bowlers may feel uncomfortable dismissing batsmen at the non-end, strikers he believes this should not be the case. He said that their careers might be jeopardized if they fail to ensure batters do not go out early and urged bowlers to approach the new law with caution.

“Law destigmatises the bowlers. Essentially, they are saying run the batsman out. Many bowlers feel ‘oh our batsmen themselves might feel upset (if they run out non strikers). They also feel what the world will say about them. That fear itself makes them not do it. I want to tell the bowlers again,” R Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.