The International Cricket Council rates Rawalpindi’s pitch as ‘below average’

Cricket experts and fans appeared to be highly intrigued by the prospect of witnessing a historic encounter between Australia and Pakistan, in which the opening Test ended in a disappointing tie. Numerous prominent figures from the field spoke out against the Rawalpindi pitch, which offered little to pacers as runs continued to pour in for batters. Similarly, match referee Ranjan Madugalle evaluated the same pitch as being below average, earning it one demerit point in the ICC’s Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process.

It is worth noting that during the first Test between Pakistan and Australia, which took place after 24 years, the bowler took only 14 wickets while 1187 runs were scored in three innings. Batting first, the host side declared on 476/4 in the first innings, after which the visitors amassed 459 runs and Pakistan declared on 252/0 in 77 overs.

While Australian ace Steve Smith described the Rawalpindi pitch as ‘quite benign,’ Australian Prime Minister Pat Cummins denied that it was a regular Rawalpindi pitch. The ICC rates pitches as Very Good, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor, and Unfit. Similarly, one demerit point is issued to pitches that are deemed below average, while three and five demerit points are assigned to pitches that are considered poor or unfit.