David Warner applauds the MCC’s decision to allow ‘running out a non-striker’ a legitimate dismissal method

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the stewards of cricket laws, presented nine modifications to its code on March 9 that will take effect in October this year. The infamous ‘Mankading’ rule also received special mention in this category. Running out the non-striker for backing up too far is no longer considered unfair by the MCC and is now classified as a run-out.

While members of the cricketing community and academics have lauded this approach, Australian opener David Warner has praised it as well. The southpaw has made it quite clear that batters will bear sole responsibility if they leave their crease before the bowler is set to bowl and has asked them to remain inside to avoid needlessly losing their wicket.

Even though the legendary Indian player Vinoo Mankad performed the act for the first time when he ran out Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Bill Brown in 1948, the debate was reignited when senior India bowler Ravi Ashwin dismissed Jos Buttler in this manner during an IPL 2019 group game between Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

Ashwin had dislodged the bails at the non-strikers’ end after observing Buttler walk out of his crease as he was preparing to bowl, despite the fact that he had not been given a formal warning. While the verdict was rendered against the hitter, the couple got into an altercation before the Englishman returned to the dugout. Intriguingly, the two cricketers will now team up for the Royals in the IPL’s 2022 season.