IPL 2022 – Here are the 5 most popular teams on social media

Apart from the goodwill, it has generated, the IPL has also helped to bridge the gap between the public and cricket by utilizing numerous fan interaction platforms and social media. The IPL and social media have always worked in tandem.

Fans closely monitor the teams’ official social media accounts, which also serve as a platform for interaction with them. This link brought supporters closer to their teams, resulting in exponential development. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are now among the most widely utilized apps, and franchisees use them to improve their reach. Here are the 5 most popular IPL teams on social media.


Number 5 – Punjab Kings


In the year 2021, Kings XI Punjab, which was founded in 2008, was renamed Punjab Kings. This team is one of the Indian Premier League’s underachievers, having only qualified twice (in 2008 and 2014) in 14 appearances. The franchise has attempted a variety of captains and coaches, as well as a variety of methods, but it has yet to cross the finish line.



The Mega auction was a successful affair for the Punjab Kings, who have clearly built a team for the future with a good blend of youth and experience. Recently, they announced Mayank Agarwal as the skipper of the side, and we expect to see them attacking the title from the get-go.

They have a total of 13.8 million followers, with 8.6 million on Facebook, 2.5 million on Instagram, and 2.7 million on Twitter.


Number 4 – Royal Challengers Bangalore


When it comes to T20 cricket, it’s all about providing spectators with entertainment and thrills, and RCB has delivered on both counts. The highest IPL inning score (263) was set by RCB in 2013, and it has yet to be surpassed. Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, two of their most famous players, tried everything they could to touch the trophy in their hands but were unsuccessful.

Despite the fact that the club has yet to win a championship, its fan base has grown, and die-hard supporters are eager to see the trophy in the hands of their favorite players. It is undeniable that RCB has one of the most devoted fan bases. Now that Virat Kohli has stepped down as captain and AB de Villiers has retired from cricket, RCB supporters around the world have been saddened.



However, with players like Glenn Maxwell, Faf Du Plessis, and others, the supporters remain optimistic about winning the crown. The club has always been known for its flamboyant brand of cricket, and this year they will try to impress their supporters. The team’s official accounts now have 9.8 million Facebook fans, 8.1 million Instagram followers, and 5.5 million Twitter followers.


Number 3 – Kolkata Knight Riders


Kolkata Knight Riders are the Indian Premier League’s third-most successful team, having won the title twice in 2012 and 2014. The squad was most successful under Gautam Gambhir, and after his departure, Dinesh Karthik and later World Cup-winning skipper Eoin Morgan have captained the team.



Andre Russell, Varun Chakravarthy, Venkatesh Iyer, and Sunil Narine have all been retained by KKR for the next seasons. The administration then chose Shreyas Iyer, an Indian superstar, in the mega auction and proclaimed him captain. The franchise is mostly owned by Shah Rukh Khan, and he represents the team’s brand, thus there is no need to go into detail regarding the fan base. The official account on Facebook has 16 million admirers, which is the most among the other clubs, while the team has 3.0 million and 4.7 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively.


Number 2 – Mumbai Indians


With five victories in 14 years, the Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in the IPL. Mukesh Ambani, undoubtedly one of India’s richest men, owns the franchise. The squad began their voyage in 2008, under the leadership of Sachin Tendulkar, the little maestro. Despite having one of the strongest teams, the squad was unable to win the trophy in the first five years.



When Rohit Sharma took over as captain in 2013, the team’s fortunes changed dramatically. MI won the trophy for the first time in 2013, and then again in 2015, 2017, and 2019. They just added their fifth trophy to their cabinet in 2020. MI has always believed in developing a strong Indian core, and this strategy has shown to be successful over time.

The team’s performance, along with the presence of famous stars like Tendulkar, Rohit, Bumrah, and Pollard, has won them a large fanbase. There are presently 13 million Paltans on Facebook, whereas there are 9 million and 7.3 million Paltans on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. There are 29.3 million followers in all.


Number 1 – Chennai Super Kings

The Super Kings of Chennai is without a doubt the franchise with the most fans and the highest brand value. CSK is the most consistent team in the IPL, having won four trophies. The supporters are as passionate about their team as the management is about their players.



Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the one man who has pushed the team forward to triumph throughout the years on his shoulders.

Despite the fact that the CSK franchise was prohibited for two years, the team did not lose any supporters and instead garnered a lot of attention and love. It will not be enough to praise the relationship between management, players, and supporters. As a result, they have the largest and most devoted fan base of any team. The squad has 13 million Facebook fans, 9.6 million Instagram followers, and 8.2 million Twitter followers, for a total of 30.8 million.