In an attempt to beat the world record, a Mumbai cricketer bats for 72 hours at the nets

Mumbai is noted for producing many excellent cricketers over the years, as evidenced by the amount of Ranji Trophy titles they have won. There have always been a number of youthful sensations from the location, from Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar, and now Rohit Sharma’s modern-day excellence. Because of the fierce rivalry in the country, young cricketers have tried a variety of techniques to get their name out there, and the game has progressed as a result.

Guinness world records have always been a desire of young people, but few have been able to achieve them. However, a 19-year-old Siddarth Mohite was adamant about breaking the records, and he undertook one of the most difficult jobs in the nets: batting for the longest time.

According to the rules, there will be a five-minute break every hour, and crossing the finish line will be a massive marathon. Mohite broke Virag Mane’s 50-hour record in 2015 by batting two hours longer than him, and his record of 72 hours and five minutes will be entered into the record books pending approval.