Security detail has been tightened for Glenn Maxwell’s wedding as invite gets leaked online

An invitation leak has hampered Glenn Maxwell’s intentions of keeping his wedding plans hush-hush.

Star Australian cricketer, Maxwell, is gearing to get married come March. However, the wedding invitation being leaked on the internet has caused a few concerns for the couple preparing for their special day.

Maxwell got engaged to Melbourne-based Indian pharmacist, Vini Raman, in March 2020. The duo has been planning their wedding for a while now but has had to postpone it multiple times owing to COVID lockdowns.


And now finally, Maxwell and Vini are all set to tie the knot on March 27th at a private event with close relatives and friends of the couple in attendance. The guest list supposedly comprises 350 people. However, the leak has ensured that a lot more than 350 people are now aware of the wedding details.

The RCB stalwart has now spoken on the matter. He explains that the ceremony was intended to be held amongst a small gathering of people. According to him, the leak happened as a result of a few of the invitees disclosing the details to their friends.

Maxwell also states that the wedding invite has got widespread press coverage and is now all over Twitter. He further explained that they have also had to beef up the security arrangements around the venue in Melbourne, where the wedding is supposed to be held.