Jofra Archer’s IPL 2022 inclusion brings more questions than answers

The Mega Auction list has sprung a lot of surprises but one of the most see-saw names has been that of Jofra Archer.

Archer, who was not a part of the initial list has suddenly been signed on for the Mega Auction with a base price of a whopping 2 crores. It is a mystery as to how this valuation was put forward considering the fact that he will not even be available to play for the current season.



The team who decided to sign on Jofra Archer will be able to do so in the accelerated auctions after the main auctions are completed and they will not be allowed to get a replacement in for this season. So basically, the team signing Archer will have to make their own arrangements until he comes on board for IPL 2023.

It remains to be seen whether Archer will reverse his decision and declare himself fit to play for IPL 2022, but as of this moment, there has been no comment from the player or his agent.