Ongoing ODI series between India and South Africa not a part of the ODI Super League

The ongoing South Africa-India One-Day International series, is reportedly not part of the ODI Super League, which is a means to qualification for the ICC World Cup in 2023. According to ICC, all ODIs played towards the build-up to the World Cup are not, necessarily, part of the Super League. Only pre-decided series are.

The ODI series against West Indies next month is part of the Super League. However, the three ODIs against England in England on July 9, 12, and 14 are not part of it as the two teams completed their Super League engagement in March last year in Pune.

According to the rules of the Super League – Each team plays three ODIs against eight other teams. Four of these are home series and four are away series. This means each team plays a total of 24 ODIs. Ten points are added for each win and five for a tie/no result/abandoned match.

India has already played nine games, including against Australia (played in November 2020) and Sri Lanka (in July 2021), and are in the seventh position with 49 points. As per the pre-decided schedule, the abandoned series against South Africa last March was a Super League fixture. It will be replayed next year. India’s other fixtures are against Afghanistan (at home), Zimbabwe, and New Zealand (both away).

The Super League points and position do not necessarily count for India as being the hosts of the 2023 World Cup, they will qualify for the championship automatically. However, India’s games bear significance for the other teams.