Fanfight Fantasy App Review

The fantasy sports scene is heating up in India and every few days, you see a new app show up on the app store. Through our experience of reviewing fantasy apps, we have come to a realization that there are predominantly three types of fantasy apps in the Indian market –

  1. The Best of the best – These are the apps that are must-haves on your smartphone if you are an avid fantasy player. You may download one, or more depending on your preference.
  2. They do what it says on the tin – These are the apps that bring nothing special to the table, but whatever it does, it does without a problem. These apps are also dependable, and you can use these apps to enjoy some no-nonsense fantasy gameplay.
  3. One to avoid – These are the apps that you must avoid installing at all costs. These are the apps that have been made with the intention to earn money. The UI is poor, the features are nonresponsive at times, and the bugs are strewn all over the platform.

We have been scouring through the app store for fantasy cricket apps and one of the recent ones that we encountered was Fanfight fantasy. With a name that evokes extreme competition and a rather stylish-looking logo, the app does offer a strong opening statement, but does it deliver? That’s what we are here to tell you. But first, let’s take a quick look at what fantasy sports are all about.

What are Fantasy Sports?

If you are someone who has played the popular Fantasy Premier League before, you will have a good idea about what Fantasy Sports really is. But, if you are one of the uninitiated, this is how it works. Say you are playing a football/soccer fantasy league, you will build your own team comprised of 11 players and a few substitutes, and then through the course of the season, the players in your fantasy team will earn points for their performances in every game they play, and the fantasy team with the largest haul of points at the end of the season wins the Fantasy league. But, like any other competition, there are always some rules that govern how you can pick your team and how the scores are distributed based on performance. 

Some people call this a game of pure luck, while repeat players will argue that there is an element of knowledge you need, in order to really field a winning fantasy team.

Fantasy leagues have expanded to the most popular sports around the world, and each of these fantasy leagues draws in thousands of users who are all out to be the best of the rest.

Joining a Fantasy sports league platform is free and involves a simple sign-up procedure and an optional installation of a companion app on your smartphone. However, the catch is that participating in some of the contests within the Fantasy league may be charged by the platform, therefore making the whole Fantasy Sports genre, a freemium one. 

At Techplugged, we have indulged in some of the Fantasy leagues through the years, including the fantasy leagues for the Premier League, Formula One, NBA, and even the recently concluded UEFA Euro Championship, and although we have found it difficult to win these leagues, the overall experience has been fun as we have not really spent a single penny to participate. 

Now, with the basics cleared, let’s get into Fanfight.

The Fanfight fantasy platform

Fanfight fantasy is a fantasy sports platform that is based on the freemium model. In such a model, signing up is free, while participation in fantasy matches requires real-time money. This is not really everyone’s cup of tea, but more than that, the choice to go freemium has another major ramifications. Google policies prevent freemium fantasy sports apps from being distributed on its Play Store. So, if you are an Android user, and you want to play the Fanfight fantasy app, you have to head to the official Fanfight website and download the APK file from there and then sideload it to your device.



On the Apple App Store, however, the app is available as a free download and iPhone users can simply head to the App Store on their device and download and install the app there.

Fanfight fantasy allows players to participate in fantasy matches taking place in the world of cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, and baseball. We have seen apps that offer fantasy matches across all major sports in the world, and it sort of takes away from the novelty of the platform, but in the case of Fanfight fantasy, the number of sports is just right and we are happy to see this kind of focused approach from the developers.

The Fanfight Fantasy app

Let’s talk about the Fanfight fantasy app and how you can get started on the same.

On installing the app on your Android or iOS device, tap on the app icon to open it up. After a brief splash screen featuring the title of the app and images of the ambassadors, you will be taken to a signup screen. This part is typical across all fantasy sports apps that we have tested so far.



The signup screen appears and it is to be done through your mobile number only. We would have loved to see a social sign-up feature, but from past experience, we can tell you that there have been some platforms that have tried out social sign-ups, but the mechanism was really flawed. So, a mobile number sign-up seems to be the right way forward for the moment.



Once you enter your registered mobile number, you will be taken to another screen where an entry box will ask you for the OTP that you would have received on your number. Enter that and you are done.

The home screen of the Fanfight fantasy app is pretty much the same as almost all the other fantasy sports app in the Indian market. Let’s take a look at this one, from the top.

We start things off with the top menu bar that features the title of the page in the center, the notification bell on the right, and a profile icon on the left. The title of the screen changes based on where you are in the app. By default, the title will be Game Center. The notification bell will give you alerts regarding the matches you are participating in, the leagues you follow, and much more. The profile icon on the left-hand side allows you to enter your profile and make changes to your profile photo, team name and even verify your account by completing the KYC process. We like how streamlined the app has been so far, but the only gripe is that the interface is not as fluid as you would like it to be. The app itself is quite light, but the interface can definitely be improved upon.



Next, let’s move to the bottom of the screen. This houses tabs that will allow you to head to the different sections of the Fanfight fantasy app. The Game Center tab will take you to the fantasy sports matches screen, where you can choose the sport you want and the match-up that you want to participate in. The ‘My Contests’ tab will show you a list of all the fantasy matches you are currently participating in. The wallet tab will take you to the in-game wallet, where you can conduct your transactions and also withdraw your winnings, straight into your bank account. One thing we would like to mention here is that currently, the Fanfight app is approved for play in all Indian states, so the wallet feature is working everywhere in the country. Next, we have the ‘My Account’ tab that allows you to quickly head straight into your profile if you want to make any changes, and finally, we have the ‘My Rewards’ tab that shows you all the in-app rewards that you have won.



We like how the developers have kept things really simple and streamlined, but once again, there have been moments where there was a visible lag in the interface, and it’s not something you want to see happen more often.

Finally, we have the Main game screen in the middle of the top menu bar and the bottom control tabs. This main screen will show you the various sports available to you, in a carousel arrangement, and below each tab, you will see the ongoing and upcoming matches so that you can choose the ones you want and get started with the fantasy gameplay.



How to participate in Fantasy matchups on Fanfight fantasy

Since we are cricket buffs, we decided to try our hand at one of the upcoming cricket matches. Surprisingly, participating in a fantasy matchup is simple, but before we get into it, let’s take a look at what a matchup card looks like on Fanfight fantasy.

Heading to the cricket tab on the home page, we saw a lot of upcoming cricket matches, and the match card consists of the following information – 

  1. The teams that are playing
  2. The cricket league that the match is a part of
  3. The line-up update (Whether line-ups are out or not) It is best to set up your line-up after the line-up has been announced as it allows you to pick the players that are playing, rather than guessing the line-up beforehand.
  4. Time to go before the match begins
  5. Size of the prize pot (This shows the largest prize pot)

From here, you can see the list of matches, and if there is a match that you feel you can do great at, tap on it, and you will be taken to a fresh page where you will now see a list of different prizes pots under various categories. 

We have the Mega Contest that has the largest prize pot, but at the same time, 55% of the entrant teams will be eligible for a piece of the prize pot. The entry fee to this is very cheap and your odds of winning are actually realistic. We recommend that you start off with the Mega contest first.



Next, we have head-to-head contests where only two users go head-to-head for prize money. The prize pot is decided by the person initiating the head-to-head, and the second entrant must pay 50% of the prize pot in order to participate. 



Thirdly, we have the winner takes all. As the name suggests, you pay the entry fee, but rather than splitting the earnings across a percentage of entrant teams, the winning team takes it all. This is one of the most high-risk categories and definitely not for the faint-hearted. 



You will also see an assortment of tailored match-ups with varying entry fees and stipulations and you can choose the one that appeals most to you, with no pressure.

If you are just starting out with fantasy sports, Fanfight fantasy also offers you free entry contests that serve as practice contests. Here, you will be able to create your team and contest with other users, but there is no entry fee and there are no winnings either. The perfect starting point for absolute beginners.



Once you choose the match-up you like, you will be taken to a team selection screen, where you can pick the players according to the guideline and once you submit the team and pay the entry fee, the waiting game begins.



Once the match is over, you can check up on your team, and see how they have done. If your team of players did well and they have slotted into the winning percentage of teams that are eligible for a payday, you will be given the pre-decided amount into your wallet. You can then withdraw funds from the wallet into your bank and then decide your next match-up.

One thing we have noticed is that, since the Fanfight fantasy app is relatively new, they don’t have an incredibly high prize pot as they are still trying to attract new users to the app, but when it comes to how easy and stable the app is to see, we would say that while it is not exactly the gold standard, it does offer you a decent enough performance. We have received feedback from a few users who have complained about their payments failing or transactions not occurring properly, but that seems to be a sporadic occurrence and not everyone is affected it seems.

Another thing we noticed is that the platform itself looks a bit half-baked. The interface is

In Conclusion

Overall, we found that the Fanfight fantasy is a decent app that is yet to find stability. The initial procedures are smooth enough, but as you use the app, you can’t help but notice that it is far from being the finished product. The UI seems a bit rushed, and the overall platform is not yet at a level that is immersive enough to spend hours on it.

Gameplay-wise, we can’t really complain as it is pretty much a stock affair, but the reports of failed transactions are concerning. This needs to be addressed, and we hope to see an official clarification from Fanfight when the app has been rid of these bugs.

For now, we would recommend that you wait for the app to get a bit more polished, keep checking out the app store page or their official website for the changelog. If you are craving some great, smooth, secure fantasy gameplay, then there are definitely better fish in the sea.